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"'Milano senza muri' (20 05 2017) try to replay Barcelona 'marea azul' manifestazion par acogier regugiados(El Pais 18 02 2017). Along the way, walking people keep on right size for more than two hundred meters the Feltrinelli Building, west side interior Microsoft, east side interior Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (who in 1954 established a publishing company crossing from avant garde, such as Tropic of Cancer, to the writings of figures such as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh. His political activism works all over the world meeting radical Third World leaders until his death at the foot of a pylon of a high-voltage power-line). The building by Erzog&de Meuron (2016), is inspired in their writings by the historic Milanese architecture and by the long and linear tracts of the typical farmland of the Lombardy countryside. But somebody could see, a ship with reversed hull. Especially from the view of side streets, at least remembering the Venice's pictures of Berengo Gardin." (JIMMY PASIN, MAY 2017)
“Do we have to think that The Toyo Ito Metropoltan Opera House (2016) would be a research about forms and materials ongoing the new towns? Or an exercise about Debord's The Society of the Spectacle (1967), that Japanese architects are more free to develop outside Japan?” (NICO VENTURA, APRIL 2017)
Kengo Kuma&Associates has proposed a new concept of harmonious interaction between the nature and the city through its first residential project in Moscow. According to the architect the new high-rise residential complex on Kutuzovsky Avenue will be «the gate» which connects the city and the Moskva-river, totally changing the urbanistic landscape of this place. The architectural concept underlying the project, realized through a massive superstructures made of matte anodized aluminum, is the avant-garde attempt of mixing public and social spaces through an open courtyard. Such passage will be like a bridge between the historic part, represented by Kutuzovsky Avenue with its Triumphal Arch of 1834, and the new business district of Moscow city with its several modern skyscrapers.” (OLIA KVATOVA, MARS 2017)
The partnership between Tsinghua University Beijing and Politecnico di Milano included, during last summer in Milan, a workshop of students of both university under the instruction Professor XU Weiguo and final participation of N.Ventura e J.Pasin (now available on). “Swarm Nests” ( name of the installation to design), try to work about friendly coexisting between architecture, people and nature by mixing traditional Chinese handcraft and new interactive technology.” (YEQUI YANG, JANUARY 1917)

"The post-modern ideology has waned. But it had no significant effect. It is interpreted in a simpleton way the relationship with history, not placing itself against him in dialectical terms, but by adopting the style. And the exterior figure has been considered independent function of a building. Then it crossed the postmodern global capitalism." (VITTORIO GREGOTTI, 2017)

“How are you able to show a painting by internet? You can’t do. Everything you see is what you ever seen. Photography fixed only a moment, but is not able to go into the deepness of painting. The true art is mixing all senses”. (ANSELM KIEFER, 2003-2017)

"We can not exclude that architects become artists, but the word "archistar" is a misunderstanding. I don't think that architecture as art means large scale and often low profile sculpture. The architects-sculptors could be void sculptors because you live architecture even in interiors." (YONA FRIEDMAN, 2017)
Ville Savoye doveva aspettare quasi 90 anni per trovare un diminutivo, “colonnine”, a definire quelli che il suo autore aveva definito “pilotis”, letteralmente “palafitta”, liberamente “pilastro” (che per altro, quando č a sezione circolare, insegna G.C. Argan, non č rastremato come invece di norma, č la colonna). E diminutivo sembra appunto voler essere il tono dell’articolo (la Repubblica 04.01.17), che, costume della stampa italiana, non tratta di architettura, ma piuttosto di eventi eclatanti e/o di episodica accattivante, magari di polemiche. Cosě, liquidata l’architettura con “bianca nelle sue linee rette, le finestre a nastro” e piů oltre “il tetto terrazza”, l’autore si impegna a diminuire la “microstoria alla C. Ginzburg” del saggio di due autorevoli esperti (S. Caccia, C. Olmo, La Ville Savoye, Donzelli Ed.) alle “tribolazioni architettoniche e culturali” delle quali sarebbe responsabile il suo autore, “solerte imprenditore dell’immagine di sé”, colpevole di volerla sede del Ciam o comunque edificio pubblico anziché “appartamento borghese”. O alle comprensibili lamentele dei coniugi Savoye: “piove nell’atrio, nella rampa”, rilanciate come interrogativi di raffinata teoria del restauro a proposito dell’impermealizzazione del tetto terrazza, “occorre rispettarne l’autenticitŕ difettosa oppure bisogna mettere in discussione la causa degli allagamenti?”, debitamente riportato alla fine dell’articolo forse per incontrare la complicitŕ del lettore verso la malcelata antipatia dell’autore e dunque, del Quotidiano, verso Le Corbusier e si –direbbe- verso il “moderno”. Giŕ preannunciata dal “trapelare” del riferimento a Palladio, per altro rilevato da tal Colin Rowe, uno degli studiosi piů accreditati del XX Secolo. Quel, si direbbe indebito, “da proprietŕ privata a bene pubblico” di Ville Savoye, si riflette nel libero accesso nella “Rotonda”, della quale nessuno sembra preoccuparsi se “bisogna privilegiare il valore culturale o quello funzionale?”, o se “se resti aperta la questione del patrimonio” di Almerico Capra Valmarana, neppure i fratelli Valmarana, suoi eredi. Un privilegio della storia, che l’architettura recente, si direbbe, deve doverosamente aspettare. (NICO VENTURA, January 2017)
"In Jinan Shandong province, Lingyan Buddhist Temple, with 50 large building, 167 stupa and Thousand Buddha Hall and one thousand years old sandal tree is still looking for a valley on the north range of Mount Tai. The uninterrupted restoration tries to maintain the purity and tranquility of the temple meeting tourism flows. The temple grounds are situated in a valley on the western edge of the Taishan range. The Lingyan Temple has a long recorded history, and was one of the main temples in China during the times of the Tang and Song Dynasties." (YEQUI YANG, November 2016)
The Skolkovo Innovation Center, first announced on 2010 by the Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, “The Russian Silicon Valley", displayed at 2012 Venice Biennale, is developing the main high technology business area located in a southern suburb of Moscow. It has been worked on by many international architects and then by eclectic western style. Skolkovo includes many buildings (main: Moscow School of Management) and five clusters specializing in different areas ( IT, Energy, Nuclear Biomedicine and Space Technologies) and residential clusters such as the new town (A. Bechu & Associés) settled with a circle boundary in reference to the traditional russian villages. “(OLIA KVATOVA, October 2016)

People of Athens V cent. BC would like to believe to be ”autocthon”, sprung from the earth originating by kings half body snake, the most “chton”, terrestrial being. Following Romolus, peoples settle the enclosure of Roma and putt inside clumps carrying from lands where they coming from and then mixed together. In Athens, earth gave birth to men, in Rome men built their own earth.

(cfr. SILVIA RONCHEY, 2017))

The moon and her evolution might be the common goodness of many Indo European religions, included Christian. Some days before the fall of Constantinople (1453), a lunar eclipse inspects Mehmet II, the Turkish sultan here sieging. If the moon was been the female symbol of old pagan world, still well working in Constantinople, now the sun a male symbol, could eclipse it. So, Islam translated the old mother into the monotheism of father god.

“Non mi piace la parola design. Il design č un'invenzione italiana, che da un verbo inglese ha tirato fuori un sostantivo. Piano piano la parola č finita a significare categorie non ben precisate di oggetti. Alla fine si č rivelata insostituibile. Forse una via d'uscita sta nel parlare di ‘stile di design’”.

(cfr. MANUEL JABOIS, 2017)

Para convertir el diseńo en algo útil en relación a los refugiados, Lucía Gutiérrez presentó exactamente el mismo folleto que reparte Ikea con sus muebles para construirlos, pero en lugar de eso proponía, con herramientas y dibujos, la deconstrucción de la valla de Ceuta y Melilla.